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Why Cook?

Something that occurred to me the other day is that I occasionally have people ask me seriously, “why cook?”  After all, cooking means prep work, cleaning, following directions, and using valuable time you could be leveling in WoW.  To me, … Continue reading

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Setting Up a New Kitchen, Pt. II; Survey the Terrain

So you bought your equipment and are raring to go cook some meals.  Well, hold on there, buckaroo.  First, let’s figure out how your kitchen is set up and establish the key areas; (NB; I meant to finally put pics … Continue reading

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Setting Up a New Kitchen

So you want to cook.  What do you need?  Glad you asked.  Here, I’ll give you what I consider the absolute minimum of equipment you’ll need to have or get to successfully begin cooking.  I’ll give the point form here … Continue reading

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What is this!?

What is this!? Well, it’s a blog, obviously.  But what is it about?  Good question!  It’s about eating, cooking, healthy living, exercise, all with a potentially geeky flavour.  Don’t be surprised if tangents on unrelated stuff crops up, too. Why!? … Continue reading

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