Why Cook?

Something that occurred to me the other day is that I occasionally have people ask me seriously, “why cook?”  After all, cooking means prep work, cleaning, following directions, and using valuable time you could be leveling in WoW.  To me, there are 5 big reasons to cook;

  • For your health
  • For your budget
  • For fun
  • For a creative outlet
  • For romantic opportunities

1) Cooking is good for your health for one very simple reason; you are controlling exactly what goes into your body.  No worrying about confusing nutritional information at your fast-food joint.  You know what’s in everything you eat.  You control how much fat, sugar, carbohydrate, and protein is being consumed by your body.

When you learn to cook, you really learn what you like to eat – and what things, that are good for you, you like to eat.  Dislike vegetables in general?  Maybe you’ll like them when you pick them out fresh yourself and make a hearty soup or salad.  Too many fatty burgers?  Make a nice lean bit of chicken or steak.  Tofu not your thing?  Try some beans.

2) Cooking is your ticket to reducing food costs substantially.  Cooking means being able to take inexpensive, simple ingredients and creating delicious, hearty foods that leave you satisfied.  True, when you start getting more involved with cooking, like I am, you’ll spend more on high-quality ingredients.  But a few simple recipes and you’ll be cutting back in no time.

3) Believe it or not, Cooking can be fun!  You make a mess, you try things you haven’t before, and you can make whatever the hell you want.  Bacon-wrapped chicken wings?  Go nuts.  Beer-battered steak?  More power to you.  Cilantro-flavoured ice cream?  OK, whatever, weirdo.

4) For some of us – like me – that work in non-creative jobs, can’t play an instrument, and can barely draw well enough to produce a comic of Randall Munroe’s standards, being able to cook means you can create something to be proud of.  You can take inspiration from any place – TV shows, recipe books, online sites, a new ingredient, a restaurant meal, anything!

I’ll often take inspiration from something that’s on sale at the grocery store.  What’s that – beets are cheap?  How about some nice borscht!  Flank steak on special?  Let’s marinate it and throw it on the grill!

5)  Let me set a scene for you.  Candlelight.  Wine.  That special someone.  And a nice, home-cooked, delicious meal from you.


Seriously, though, the ability to cook a delicious and exciting meal can do wonders for your love life, especially if you’re on a budget.  Making a meal shows you care enough to put the effort in to make something creative and amazing for your partner.  It sets the stage for a romantic night in.  If you’re pretty friendly already, you can even both work on dinner together in the kitchen, which makes for a lot of great opportunities to connect.

So there you have it; five simple reasons to learn how to cook.

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One Response to Why Cook?

  1. Leah says:

    I cook because I’m good at it and can make it better than a restaurant can. And because I have no other talent. Well, I have one other talent, but I don’t think I should mention it here.

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